Dutch Boy® Nalcrete™ ACRY-TINT™

Concentrated acrylic-based tinting colorants for Dutch Boy® Nalcrete™ Latex Paints. They disperse easily and produce tints from pastel to medium shades with even finishes.

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¼ Liter and 1-Liter

7340 Thalo Blue
7351 Thalo Green
7364 Raw Sienna
7371 Toluidine Red
7381 Burnt Umber
7366 Hansa Yellow
7377 Venetian Red
7390 Lampblack

To produce dark shades, choose from factory-mixed colors. Ideal ratio of tinting color to paint is 1:16, respectively. Do not use Hansa Yellow 7366 and 7371 Toluidine Red for exterior applications.