About Us

When the Dutch Boy® paint brand was founded in 1907, one of its advantages over other paint manufacturers was the use of a superior method in creating paint products already known to chemists as early as the 16th century. Now, 100 years later after it began selling paints, Dutch Boy® has become one of the most recognizable and iconic brands in the world.

Present in the Philippines since the end of the Second World War, Dutch Boy® continues to deliver innovative and high-quality paint products its customers have grown to love over the years. Now with more colors available at hundreds of depots and hardware stores nationwide, Dutch Boy® paints can be conveniently had every time there’s a painting job to do.

Dutch Boy® is indeed a heritage brand one can easily count on. Supported by generations of loyal and new customers, Dutch Boy® will surely be inspired to get better and continue to paint a legacy of quality and dependability for years and years to come.