Dutch Boy® Versashield™

Dutch Boy® Versashield™ is a high-quality, durable, self-priming coating for interior and exterior concrete surfaces. It dries into an adherent, flexible film that is able to bridge hairline cracks and prevent the passage of water.

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4-Liters and 16-Liters


By brush, roller, or airless spray

45.1 g/L

20 to 25 square meters as primer

To touch: 1 hour
To recoat: 3 hours

Use as supplied. If necessary, thin with not more than ½ Liter of clean water per 4L can.

Various pastel shades may be obtained by tinting with Dutch Boy® ACRY-TINT water-based colorants. Take note that 7366 Hansa Yellow and 7371 Toluidine Red are for interiors only.



VS 9100 White VS 9213 Pure Ivory VS 9301 Seal of Grey
VS 9101 Tulle White VS 9225 Bone Ivory VS 9303 Ashton Grey
VS 9102 Winter Morning VS 9602 Tinker Belles VS 9305 Smoky Gray
VS 9103 Crisp Ecru VS 9603 Creamy Surprises VS 9332 Natural Gray
VS 9104 Coast Light VS 9109 Lightning Green VS 9501 Mud Pie
VS 9110 Bora Sand VS 9402 Blue Wings VS 9660 Western Brown
VS 9112 Light Silver VS 9451 Blue Sea VS 9801 Hamburger
VS 9113 Ice VS 9503 Temptations VS 9802 Mocha
VS 9114 Apricot White VS 9505 Green Peace VS 9805 Caramel
VS 9115 Nicole VS 9550 Blue Royale VS 9111 Vesa Peach
VS 9116 Ivory White VS 9552 Green Grass VS 9228 Terracotta
VS 9117 Tinge Grey VS 9108 Pawn Beige VS 9601 Happy Day
VS 9118 Angel’s Wing VS 9201 Tasty Tan VS 9701 Berry Rouge
VS 9119 Lace VS 9202 Bacon Beige VS 9770 Coral Red
VS 9120 Bridal Whites VS 9220 Crisp Biscuit VS 9771 Cottage Red
VS 9132 Grey Castle VS 9221 Toasted Beige VS 9880 Clay
VS 9209 Beige Natural    

New Concrete
Allow new masonry to dry for 14 to 28 days under normal weather conditions before painting. Surface to be painted should be clean, dry, free from oil, grease, dust, dirt, and other contaminants. If painting must be done immediately after the 14-day curing period, treat with a solution of 1 part Dutch Boy® Nalcrete Masonry Neutralizer 7000 diluted in 16 parts water. Apply the solution liberally using a brush or roller. Let dry overnight before rinsing with water to remove white crystals that will have formed on the surface. Let dry before painting. If the concrete has been cured for 28 days or more, there is no need to apply a neutralizer.

Scrape off all loose, scaling, flaking, and peeling paint manually or by using a paint and varnish remover, as necessary. When using paint removers, make sure to thoroughly clean the residue before painting. Let dry.

In case of mildew infestation, treat with a bleach solution (1:3 laundry bleach to water, respectively) by swabbing or brushing. To ensure proper treatment, allow to stand on surface for 24 hours before washing off residue. Let dry.

Apply at least 3 coats of Dutch Boy® Versashield™ by brush, roller, or airless spray. Decreasing the number of coats will reduce the paint’s performance.